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Import People from Excel or CSV File

How to import from a spreadsheet

This article shows Administrators how to import people's information from an excel file to your People List:


  • Click on Admin in the main menu
  • Click On Import Center


  • Click on the [Import People Template] link to download the personnel CSV template file.
  • Don't change the content of the template columns' headings.
  • You can use the [Import People Specification] link to download the help file on how to fill the template.
  • Fill the template with the Personnel information.
Ø LastName Ø Company Ø WebPage
Ø FirstName Ø BusinessPhone Ø Notes
Ø EmailAddress Ø HomePhone Ø BusinessRegion
Ø YourPersonID Ø MobilePhone Ø DepartmentName
Ø Login Ø FaxNumber Ø JobTitleName
Ø Password Ø Address, City Ø PeopleTypeName
Ø GroupId Ø StateProvince Ø ManagersEmail
Ø NextAvailDate Ø ZIPPostalCode Ø IsActive
Ø Gender Ø country_name Ø JobRole
  • Password: If left blank, the system will assign a temporary password to the user.
  • GroupID: represents the security role of the person.
  • ManagersEmail: assigning people to a manager using the manager's email address will automatically create the hierarchy between people in the system.
  • Save the changes in the template CSV file.

Launch Import People

  • Click on the [Launch People Import] link.
  • Select [Import People List] from the [Import File Type] drop-down list.
  • Click on the [Choose File] button and upload the updated CSV skills template file.
  • Click on the [Import] button when finished.
  • A detailed report is generated describing the import process result.