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Import Skills from Spreadsheet File (CSV)

This article guides SkillsDB administrators on how to import job role skills using a CSV file

Download SkillsDB import categories and skills instructions 

Steps To import skills from an excel file to your Skills List:

  • Click on Admin
  • Import Center

Skills Template File

  • Don't change the content of the template columns' headings.


  • Fill the template with the skills information, and don't exceed the max length for each value. 
    • CategoryMain1(max length 40)
    • CategorySub2(30)
    • CategorySub3(20)
    • IsAttribute(0=Skill, 1=Attributel)
    • Skill(100)
    • Skill Description(1000)
  • Save your Changes

Back on the Skills Import page:

  • Click on the Launch Import link


  • Select Import Skills List from the Import File Type drop-down list.


  • Click on the Choose File button, and upload the updated CSV skills template file.
  • Click on the Import button to start the Import process.

Once the import process is done, you can go back to the Skills List to view all the Skills that have been Imported.