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Adding Skills from our Predefined Skills Library

The predefined skills library in SkillsDB will let you start from thousands of sample skills which you can then assign to job roles


  • Go to Admin > Skills Setup > Skills Library


  • Select the Professional Skills group [1]
    • Professional Skills: represent skills which can be measured on scales.
    • Professional Qualifications: represent item skills that people either have it or not. Can be answered true or false.
    • Blue Collar Skills: represent skills which can also be measured on scales.
  • Select the skill category [2]


A large set of categories is defined in the system, select one category from the drop-down list.

  • Select the Skills you wish to add to your list [3]
  • Select the required skills from the listed skills in the Skills Library table.
  • Check the Select All option to mark all listed skills in the category as selected.
  • Click load selected skills into my Skill List [4]
  • Click on the Load Selected Skills into my Skill List button to load all the selected skills from the Skills Library table into your Skill List.

It may take a moment to finish loading data in case of a large selection is applied.

  • Repeat the above steps for all skills categories you want to load into your Skill List.